organic, authentic storytelling photographer
Chris Scuffins
Cotswolds, U.K

Natural & Emotional Storytelling Wedding Photography

Hi there! I’m Chris Scuffins, a wedding and portrait photographer from the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Working with my amazing partner Helen, we specialise in non-traditional and authentic photography using both digital and film. We love nothing more than exploring the world, meeting wonderful new people and telling personal, heartfelt stories with artistic and emotional photography. We’re a great fit for couples who hug hard and love the great outdoors.

 Eco Friendly Wedding Photographer From The Cotswolds

Our wedding and portrait photography work is warm, organic and earthy; we love using open spaces, natural light and beautiful outdoor locations, as well as making sure everything we do is always sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. We’re based in the Cotswolds, U.K but we love to travel, and regularly work all over Europe. If our work speaks to you, and you’d like us to be a part of your wedding day adventure, please get in touch! We’d really, really love to hear from you!

“natural, wholesome photography for adventurous couples who hug hard, feel deeply and value honesty.”

Your Wedding Day Story...

Your wedding day is a huge deal. Not so much in a "look how pretty those flowers are" kind of way. More of a "we're so happy right now, I want to remember this for a long time" kind of way...

Of course, there's much care and attention that goes into planning the look of your wedding, and we do want to record that...but more than anything, we feel that it's your people; your partner, your family, your friends who matter most. And it's these moments, these little connections between loved ones that are our focus when it comes to photographing your wedding day.

Our aim is to create living, breathing and true images that reflect who you are as a couple, and what your big day is all about. We want you to have beautiful images that help you remember what it feels like to laugh, to cry, to hold someone tight....and that actually mean something, long after today's wedding fads and trends disappear.

We're a perfect a fit for couples who enjoy long squishy hugs, have a passion for nature and the great outdoors, and are excited about the fun, creative process of making beautiful pictures together. Wherever you are in the world, if you feel the same, if our work speaks to you, please get in touch, and let us know a little about who you are and what you love...

Kind Words

"You were amazing from the moment we met you until the very end! You made us both feel amazing on our wedding day. Everyone said how friendly and discreet you were, just what we wanted! Thank you so much!"

Amy & Duncan

"Apart from being super talented, Chris and Helen were a great support to us on our day. They are discrete, sensitive, relaxed and highly professional photographers who have boundless energy and relentless passion for what they do"

Naomi & Jack

"It took us a long time to find the right photographer, but we knew the minute we saw your work that you’d be just right! The photos are everything we wanted and more, and capture the day so perfectly."

Kamal & James

"We just can’t stop watching that slideshow you’ve done, it takes us right back into the day and it’s perfect….we knew right from the start we’d chosen exactly the right person to be with us on the day"

Ellie & Neil

"On our wedding day, Chris and Helen were more like friends. They were professional, respectful, fun, and above all, understanding. Chris and Helen captured each moment of our wedding day perfectly."

Laura & Mark