waste not, want not
Eco Policy

I’m really keen to keep this little business as sustainable as possible, and being an eco friendly wedding photographer is very important to me. Here’s are just a few of the things I do to make sure what I do doesn’t impact the environment in a harmful way…

  • I run a 100% paperless office! All contracts + paperwork are completed online, and I save any wedding lists and todo’s to my iPhone.
  • I only use FSC approved paper so that the rare time I do print any paperwork, it’s sustainable.
  • All of the camera and flashes use rechargeable batteries.
  • My lovely wedding client packaging is mostly recycled goods, such as paper bags, and tissue paper.
  • All of my favourite film cameras were all reclaimed, restored or refurbished by hand.
  • The only albums I offer are eco friendly, UK made (including option of vegan friendly leather covers) and all the prints are made using naturally occurring inks instead of nasty man made chemicals.
  • I prefer to use Skype / FaceTime to meet wherever possible. This way, I can get to know our couples without having to travel half way across the country for a coffee…
  • Working from home which means there’s no additional lighting, heating or commuting! The downside is unrestricted access to unlimited tea and biscuits!
  • From March 2016, all of my prints and frames that I supply are made in house, by myself on a professional grade pigment ink printer. This means as well as saving on carbon emissions from regular print deliveries, I also I have full control over what paper and inks I use and where it’s sourced from. I can also carefully optimise what each and every single print looks like; which of course means our your prints will look better than ever and be more friendly for the environment.